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At An Arm’s Length

As the temperatures increase and tank-top season arrives, it’s a convenient time to think about pulling out the arm candy. Whether that means adding a few new bracelets to your existing collection or just adding a few more, there’s a way to lock in a layered look and make a bold style statement. The best part? It’s easy. Here, we’ve got the cheat sheet on how to wear as many (or as few) bracelets to carry of your stylish look.

The simplest way to start is by stacking a combination of gold or silver bangles and then mixing in patterns and textures to make your look stand out. March -705

A variety of sizes will keep your look unexpected – try something big and chunky next to an asymmetrical strand.

You can choose contrasting colors to make the collection pop.

Use a monochromatic medley to keep your style statement subtle

A wrap bracelet offers the illusion of several strands without actually wearing more than one.  You can wear any of these alone or use them as the base to add multiple metallic bangles.

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