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Curating Couture

We have a lot to say about the bold – so when we see it making such a beautiful statement as well, we can’t help but concentrate our spotlight. And through May, we’ve got that light pointed on The High Museum in Atlanta.

Van Herpen CollageWith their ultimate fashion debut, they introduce the country to Iris Van Herpen – a femme fatale when it comes to design and a pioneer in what defines the modern-day version of cutting edge. Van Herpen shows the entire industry what happens when you dare to step (or, in this case, cut) outside the lines and experiment. The results are a collection majorly crafted using a 3D printer, permitting the use of materials like steel blended with silk or iron filings and (our personal favorite) resin. Not stopping there, Van Herpen adds in unconventional materials, like umbrella tines and magnets, sealing her fate as a truly influential powerhouse.

Van Herpen Collage2Van Herpen

When you’re pushing the envelope on technology and style, it’s no wonder your collections have walked well past the traditional runway, straight to museum exhibitions around the world. And, inspired by nature and what’s around the corner in our everyday world, she defines couture in an exciting new way. So, while we may not be able to don her latest creation to our dinner party, our (simple, felt) hats are off to Ms. Van Herpen. She’s truly what our fashion dreams are made of.

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