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Derek Banks, Celebrity Photographer

We’ve met plenty of other fashion gurus, style influencers and flat-out famous people during our trips across the longitudes, but what’s holding our attention this year is the artistry that makes those individuals who they are. And we can’t bring that up without tipping our hats to one of our favorite immortalizers – celebrity photographer Derek Blanks.

Blanks has captured several of our collections here at Zenzii, but using his unique eye – one he developed from a portfolio of schooling as impressive as his collection of work – he continually delivers a true sense of the inspiring, attainable style of the Zenzii personality on film. Blanks said, “The confidence a woman has is in her eyes,” and so he uses that as his springboard for every photo shoot, calling them “the connection between the lens and the soul.”

Famously, he’s captured some of our favorite celebrities’ alter egos starting with that very idea, so who better than our own Glam Kam to capture him in the interview chair and allow us a deeper focus on who this artist really is … and, of course, what produces that perfect photo shoot.


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