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Food – Pies

You are going to want another piece of this. We’re not talking about dressing up right now – we’re chowing down. Or, I guess, since we’re ladies, we’re delicately enjoying a helping of this season’s coolest confection. Okay, let’s be honest. Maybe two.


How can you resist though? Especially when Forbes.com came right and out and said it’s good for you. Well, to be fair, they pointed out that a lot of pie is made of fruit and that fruit is good for you. Logical conclusion. So bring on the warm, cinnamon apples and the gooey cherries oozing out from perfectly flaky crusts. Serve up the tangy sweet peaches and savory rhubarbs. It’d be sinful to resist.


Albeit not fruits, creamy chocolates and whipped peanut butters on crunchy graham crusts do little to contradict the fact that our forks were simply made for this. And now that these fruity sweetnesses come packaged so adorably and “icebox” is the term du jour, what was once old fashioned has never looked so mod. So grab that fork, because in seven days you can blame it on National Bavarian Cream Pie Day, if nothing else. Here’s to an extra napkin.


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