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Get Packing

Now that vacation season is in full throttle, it’s time to plan your getaway gear. When it comes to packing here are a few secrets to make the process quick, easy, fashionable, and stress free.

When packing for that ultimate beach vacation, keep things cool with light fabrics and easy options. Pack flowing caftans, soft maxi dresses, multi-functional headscarves, along with bright, bold jewelry. This will make for an easy transition from walks on the beach to dinners on the boardwalk.

Ready for the Beach


Get Elevated | When the trip away from the city heat calls for a cool trip to the mountains, pack for cooler temperatures while keeping in mind stylish and cozy fabrics. Pack soft cotton tunics, cardigans, boyfriend jeans, and the simple, layered jewelry that will take your mimosa mornings stylishly into the sultry sunsets.

Thrill Seeking | Should the outdoor adventure summon your senses,  fill your suitcase with your breathable outdoor gear, but don’t think you are locked into yoga pants for your trip.  Pack simple swing dresses for efficient post-workout change up and plenty of stackable bracelets to brighten up your sun-tanned (and newly toned) arms. 

Laid Back Tourist | Lastly, if all you want is an adventure filled with ‘selfies’ on the double-decker bus we suggest packing those easy tees, trendy joggers, coordinated sneakers along with simple, colorful jewelry that will add the ‘flash’ to every single picture!  

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