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Our Style Saints

This year introduced us to a lot of new trends, re-introduced us to some favorite classics and taught us that when all else bores, make a bold statement with your own unique style.

That’s certainly what these five females have taught us. With larger-than-life ideas about fashion, they’ve impressed us with their accessorizing as much as they did with their red carpet threads, contagious smiles and enviable blowouts. And for that, we dub them our women to watch … because they were our favorite ladies to look at (for style inspiration) this year.

Naomi Watts showed us that getting wrapped up isn’t just for the holidays.

Naomi Watts

Julianne Moore proved a great up-do still can’t outshine a fabulous pair of earrings.

Julianne Moore

Maybe we’ve got a thing for redheads, but Jessica Chastain has an old Hollywood era flair that never goes out of style.

Jessica Chastain

There’s no arguing her impact on the industry, and now Viola Davis has cemented her influence on the red carpet.

Viola Davis

Is there anyone more famous with a more unique style all her own than Rachel Zoe? She pulls from the best that every style era has had to offer.

Rachel Zoe

Make Your Own Statement

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