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Plaid with Panache

Plaid Collage 2We love something that never goes out of style. Plaid’s cozy reputation and preppy personality have been around the style block so many times, we’re dizzy. But make no mistake – that’s a good dizzy. It’s a pleasure delirium that comes from decades on the runway in endless color combinations, ever-evolving patterns and a medley of ways to wear it from head to toe. Our plaid-hoarding habits also stem from its versatile availability in super cool cotton blends or exquisite silks, chunky flannels and exotic leathers.

So whether you don the celeb-favorite  Rails flannel shirt or want a pop of cozy color draped over your shoulder, staying inside the lines is the encouraged way of thinking here. We don’t advise camouflaging yourself in a plaid wonderland – but if you decide to, at least these pieces help you do it on trend.

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