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Let’s Simplify Life

Instead of disappointing yourself with high expectations of weight loss and a gym membership requiring too many days than you have to give, take a cue from our team – we’re trying new things, turning over new leaves and doing more with less to make sure 2016 is nothing short of a success.

 Keeping it simple, Viri vows to be more adventurous … Ashley is adding travel outside the country to her bucket list. Creating a adventure  bucket list of your own? You can start one here! 

25581330_ml Mandi is skipping the nevers and the firsts, just wanting to attend more live events … maybe one where Mimi can have the Cinderella moment she’s been dreaming about.  They’re putting it into action and adding Live Nation or Ticketmaster to their bookmarked sites so live events are just a click away!

31046556_mlWe can still get on board with fitness, though. But instead of lofty goals, our team finds checkpoints within reach. Henry aims to benchpress 225 pounds … while Tina will conquer the elusive split and Nhi plans to clock in a marathon. If you have similar goals, bookmark  Active.com and Oxygenmag.com as resources for all skill levels. 

17709011_mlBreaking tradition, Helene takes the focus off of herself and instead promises to give back to her community this year.  


Reeling the selfish resolutions back in, our marketing team looks to rediscover what “me” time really means.  A great start is reclaiming the time it takes to recipe plan. There are services like Blue Apron or HelloFresh that offer busy households healthy meal delivery. Yum.

CookingWe think pretty good things come in these small (resolution) packages. How will you look at life next year?

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