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The Bracelet: The Elephant Charms

Elephant-Bracelet2Good luck is in the cards – or rather, on your arm – and with a collection of cool colors to layer with your golden bangles, you’ve certainly got grounds to double down.

The Elephant Charm bracelet is delicate and fun, but bold and lively, combining rows of colorful beads with dainty elephant charms and gold detail. The awe-inspiring animal has long been admired by the fashion world, as in charm form it’s said to bring good luck. That goes beyond fashion, even. Aristotle claimed they were the smartest animals in existence with the biggest brains and the sharpest memory. They’ve been touted for showing compassion and instilling confidence. Many business owners keep elephants at the door for stability and wisdom, and at home, legend says to keep the elephants facing the door for prosperity.Elephant-Bracelet

So, in the spirit of good fortune, why not keep a few dangling from your wrist, and lead your own way into great possibilities?


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