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The Earrings | Double Ball, Double Style

_E1172_eblastimageSome of the best baubles come in pairs – and we don’t just mean earrings, in general. We mean these earrings. The double-ball style carries two pairs, actually, of perfectly chic studs for a dimensional look that pops in a myriad of colors. It’s simple, yet unexpected and for both reasons, they go with everything.


Wear the clay color Velvet Dots for a cool fall addition to your outfit, the soft green and blues of the Rose Bud Floating Earring to cool weather  prints and with the sophisticated It Takes Two, you can choose an accessory to carry you from mornings in the meeting rooms to cocktail hours al fresco. They’re so easy to wear, you could even pop them in for a quick afternoons of (highly fashionable) errands.





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