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The Good Life … Made Easy

We know you’ve got a to-do list that never stops. There are things that constantly take priority over whatever was already at the top of the list, and when there’s a business to run, a meeting to make or simply somewhere to be five minutes ago, it can get a little top heavy. Luckily, we have insider’s info on products and mindsets that make it a little lighter.

That means, more time for picking out the perfect earrings to wear with that new blazer … and finally being able to finish that cup of coffee. After all, a hot cup of freshly brewed caffeine may be the biggest life hack there is.

The Ultimate Planner | Stay on schedule with 179 uniquely designed pages for planning, big goal breakdowns, brilliant idea lists, blog idea jot space and more.The Ultimate Planner

The Keys to Success | Fumbling at the door with arms full of files or shopping bags (we don’t judge) is in the past when you paint the heads of your different keys using different nail polish colors.

Beauty in a Box | Refresh your collection of all things fabulous with something that delivers the fun every three months. A subscription packs latest full-size testers and offers an online portal for picking up tips and tricks.box-2013fall

Worth a Thousand Words | Ready to stop trying to translate your shorthand scribble? This super shooting pen lets you snap photos of everything important and upload it straight to your phone.203951-z2

Sing a New Tune | Don’t sweat the small stuff … like that song that you’ve been singing all week, but can’t remember who sings it, or the words. Midomi.com listens to your humming and solves your smallest mystery in seconds.

Head-to-Toe | Smeared deodorant on your suit? Remove it with the foam cover of a dry cleaner’s hanger that’s probably still in your backseat. Got lipstick on your collar? Spritz a bit of hairspray on the fabric (unless it’s dry-clean only) and let it mellow. Dab it and toss it in the washer. Check out these 21 life hacks for fixing your clothes.


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