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The Look: Structured

Industrial-SubtletiesWith a season of flowing linens, soft shifts and sultry silks, there’s a simple way to tie any look together for a sophisticated, stylish big picture. It starts with choosing your favorite shape, opting for it in your go-to metal finish and stacking it on to add sleek lines and perfect design to that easy summer look. 

Whereas many a fashionista is anything but simple, these structured pieces offer a simplistic element, but through a bold, unique interpretation of the popular minimalistic trend. That means we’ve wrapped edgy spheres, tangents and triangles (to name a few) around unexpected negative space, for a finished look that is anything but average.


Get that look by mixing metals, links and lengths, like the Bringing Hexy Back long chain necklace or standout Chunky Blocks collar necklace. Or, choose from a bevy of sturdy bracelets that will certainly give you the upper hand.


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