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The ZENZII First Date

Hello Gorgeous!

Alas, we finally meet. We’re ZENZII and it’s certainly our pleasure to finally meet you. Already, this feels like a vintage friendship, one tried and true and utterly sophisticated as a result. That’s in part to the savvy and stylish duo at our helm and the team of jewelry aficionados ready to decorate décolletages, arms, wrists, lobes, fingers and more with something that packs a serious statement; but it’s also thanks to you. Your style, your boldness and your nonexistent hesitation toward fashion’s twists and turns – that’s what makes ZENZII something to be coveted.Shawn-and-Jenny-980 x 651


Zenzii owners, Shawn and Jenny Li, share a (stylish) dream that “jewelry doesn’t have one single aesthetic, but instead, focuses on making women happy.” As a result, ZENZII is the brand that any women can turn to for the perfect new piece. It’s for the woman who wears a simple black dress to work because she has to, but dons a glistening, bib collar statement necklace because she can pull it off. It’s the woman who doesn’t need an excuse to wear the biggest bangle her jewelry box holds while she leads at an executive level. The ZENZII woman is a stylish and fashionable woman who wants high-quality accessories to make a bold statement with her style. Our pieces inspire the woman to express that unique style.

And because that woman is busy and successful, the cheat sheet to her style rests in our new online home – blog.ZENZII.com. Here’s where we will detail our newest inspiration, divulge tips and trade secrets from our most famous fashion friends and offer an insider’s guide to what you should be wearing right now … with that dress.

Yes … it feels like we’ve known each other forever, but for the sake of something else classic, it’s clearly the start of a beautiful friendship.

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