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We’re Being Transparent

Resin CollageMerriam-Webster defines resin with words like amorphous, translucent and organic. They do so in a way that makes it sound otherworldly, yet from the earth – like something only found in remote, undiscovered locations, buried deep for centuries. Its life from harvest to stylish inventory is representative of that dreamy notion.

When extracted, melted and molded it’s worn as enviable adornments that inspire a story. Sometimes that story is told by breakout star Kiki Palmer in Fox’s hilar-ifying show Scream Queens. Yours may simply involve swiping a charge card.


Bottom line? This stuff is gorgeous. And, the design possibilities are limitless. The Rolling Rocks and Positively Radiant Links necklaces are chunky and sophisticated. The Lucid Lux Pendant necklace bracelet and Clearly Hanging earrings hold a softer, feminine vibe. We can craft resin into any shape or color imaginable, but the Bedrock Statement line and Elephant cuffs are some of our favorites. That versatility lets us introduce beautiful, bright and bold statement pieces that are larger in size, yet light weight. We translate that as permission to wear them forever.

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